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The Journal of the Print World is published quarterly in July, October, January and April. From an editorial perspective, the Journal's goal is to provide a thoughtful and beautiful publication that informs and excites its readership about the world of contemporary and antique works of fine art on paper.

The Journal accepts articles concerning all aspects of printmaking and works on paper. Since the Journal is not an academic journal “per se,” but more of a “visual magazine in newsprint,” we must limit the length of the text portion of articles submitted for publication on a case by case basis. Ideally, feature articles will contain three to five images, with appropriate credits or permissions provided by the author at the time of submission. Shorter articles describing artists, print exhibitions, fairs, auctions, book reviews, etc. should range in length from 300-600 words and contain one to three images. Images should be submitted as 300 dpi or better.

We encourage museums, universities and libraries to submit information (including images) about upcoming exhibitions and news about their collections. Original articles written by curators, artists and/or art experts are especially of interest. In addition, publishing houses, contract printmaking organizations,scholars, and authors should send us information
 and images about new texts and new print editions.

The Journal reserves the right to reject any article or advertisement. Although we take great effort to publish articles as submitted, we also reserve the right to edit articles for publication. Subscriptions and advertising are our prime source of revenue, guaranteeing the continued existence of the Journal. Also, the line between advertising versus free announcements, articles and other communications is often quite thin. Consequently, space constraints exist, and preference will be given to those organizations who advertise with us. Finally, we encourage our readers to express their gratitude to our advertisers by utilizing their services and/or buying their products, because without them, the Journal of the Print World would not exist.

Rebecca Ronstadt, Publisher

Dr. Robert Ronstadt, Editor in Chief

Jason Ronstadt, Editor, Digital Media

Journal of the Print World
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Gilmanton, NH 03237
Telephone 603-267-7349


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